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15 Fun Activities on a Student Budget

When you are a student, every penny counts. Do you have a guilt trip after a fun night? Because of its dent in your budget? This shouldn’t be the case. Here, we planned all the possible fun activities for you while helping you stick to your budget!
All these activities will be just as fun but cheaper. It’s all about making the most of your student experience. Check them out and start making your plans for the upcoming weekend.

Go on a Hike

Are you a fitness freak and spend a considerable amount on your gym membership? It’s time to get your gym friends out in nature. Plan a fun hike once or twice a week, starting from within city limits or just a few miles outside the city. If you are adventurous enough, make a weekend out of it.
Don’t forget to wear your best shoes, plenty of water, sunblock, and your most loved hat. Are you excited? Because we are.

Plan a Picnic

Go to your local park with some of your favourite snacks. Invite some friends over to eat, drink, and play games. Lay down for a friendly and much-deserved sunbath. Do bring cards or any other board games with you!
If you have a beach nearby, go for a swim or rent a paddleboat. Do you know how to fish? This is your chance to learn!

Movie Night in

Do you and your friends go to the cinema a lot? Rent a movie and invite your movie-lover friends over! Don’t forget to make some popcorn.
You got to admit that there is no better feeling than to be able to pause your movie. Unlike the cinema hall, you can enjoy your laughter fits or make a joke without offending strangers.
You will be able to enjoy your favourite movie with your best people and that too, without having to wake up the next morning worrying about how much you spent. Sounds fun? Give it a go!


This is the perfect night out plan with your friends while staying within your budget. Price varies according to the day of the week, time of the day, and location of the bar. Pick it out wisely. It’s time you let the world hear your bathroom singing talents.

Shop Online with Vouchers

There is no better therapy than shopping. Everyone loves shopping, but it can be expensive. Want in on a secret? VoucherGate is filled with amazing discounts at your nearest stores. Trust us when we tell you it’s heaven on earth for all the students.
Can you believe you can travel with for up to 50%? Check it out. There are many more incredible discounts from your go-to stores, and discover some new ones in your area. It has all the categories you can think of. You are starting from buying gifts for your loved ones for an upcoming occasion to travelling back home on holidays or doing a fun activity in your city. All the voucher codes are stacked under one roof so that you don’t miss any.

Watch a College Play

All year-long theatrical performances are organized within the college. Check out the calendars of your college, and don’t miss them. Bring your popcorn, the cosiest blanket, and whatever you need to enjoy your night out watching the play.
If you cannot find one that interests you, here’s a secret. Celebrate in London offers 5% off on Mamma Mia Theatre Show and dinner. That’s not all. You can find many more discount vouchers. Check it out.

Plan a Staycation

Invite your friends or go to a friend’s place for a night-in. Play some music online and sign along. Order a pizza, Chinese, or whichever food choice gets the top votes. Even better, ask everyone to bring a snack and get unlimited options.
Play games, watch a movie, listen to music, dance, or do whatever your friends love to do together. You have unlimited options, too, without going out of your budget.

Balloon Fight

This summer, host the best game night for your friends. Get some balloons, fill them with water, and fight! Add some not-so-permanent colours inside the balloons to make it even more exciting. Get the colours going!

Go to the Farmers Market

Need a day out? Go to your nearest farmer’s market and check out the fresh produce. You will have the chance to explore many treasures on your trip to the farmer’s market. Buy your weekly supply much cheaper and save your money. Being a student, every penny you save today matters tomorrow.

Camp out

You don’t need a five-star hotel booking to have all the fun. The most memorable fun can be planned under the stars.
Find your favourite quiet spot in the city with the most picturesque views. Place your tent and start your adventure.
Brought friends with you? Turn it into a BBQ night followed by a game or jamming night around the fire on a chilly night.

Escape Rooms

Go for it only if you are an adventuresome person and have an energetic bunch of friends. You get to solve puzzles and riddles.
Are you daring enough to attempt to unlock the door and escape the room within an hour or so? Escape rooms are an entertaining and cheap way to spend your evening.

Wall Climbing

It can be a fun activity if you are an outdoorsy person. Check out the places near you offering indoor wall climbing and give it a go. Are you into a healthy lifestyle? There is no better way than this. If you aren’t, it’s never too late to make necessary changes.

Play a Sport

Are you a cricket or a hockey person? Decide on your favourite game. Gather your friends and play at your local park. All you need is a ball, a bunch of friends, and an open space. Got a garden at a friend’s place? Use that.

Day at Museum

If you love history or art, visit your nearby museum and learn about it. You will be saving a lot of money that you might otherwise spend on something unnecessary. Time to spread some genuine happiness for yourself. You deserve it!

On-Campus Activities

Guess what? There are plenty of things around your campus you don’t usually know of. Check out your campus’s upcoming events and attend them for a fun night. Most of these events are either free or charged a minimum amount.

Enjoy Your Time!

You will undoubtedly have plenty of thrilling possibilities for endless upcoming weekends. Choose how you want to spend your next weekend. Will it be a relaxing one in the park or an electrifying one in the Karaoke bar near you?
With these, you might learn a thing or two along the way. Be it introducing a healthy lifestyle or saving your money. Stick to these and wake up the next morning happy and relaxed rather than worried about your expenses.
If you want to do something extra fun or make the most of an upcoming occasion, check out some unbelievable discounts at VoucherGate. Get the pleasure going!



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