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8 Tips for Travelling on Holiday on a Budget

Welcome traveller! Tourism is always an experience, especially trying out new places. However, it is an expensive hobby. 

Domestic travel may not be that expensive, but international travel sure is. Now, what do you do? You want to travel the world, experience different cultures, or even explore your own country. But for many people, even after years of saving, this can be only a dream. 

Well, it does not have to be. You may have heard of hitchhiking. That is just one type of tourism on a budget. In recent years, exploring different cities and countries on tight or low budgets has become a trend. So if you’re planning to make a trip on a low budget, you’ve come to the right place. And believe us, you may be missing out on luxury, but it is a hell of an experience travelling like this.

We’ve developed 8 tips for travelling on Holiday on a budget. Even if you’re not on a strict budget, these tips will help save costs.

Choose the Right Destination At Off-Peak Time

One of the primary costs of trips is the airline ticket, especially during peak times. These are around Christmas, Easter, or Thanksgiving, and more often than not, what is supposed to be just a serene getaway from the daily hassle of work, ends up becoming an even more stressful experience stuck in endless lines of traffic, usually accompanied by an argument with someone driving another car.

The thing is, airline rates are the highest during peak times. Even if you get a hold of discounts, the cost is still very high. 

So right off the bat, you can cut the direct cost of your trip by travelling in the off-peak season. 

Then comes the destination to choose. This depends on your mood and what sort of culture or weather you want to explore. But on a budget, it is a good idea to look at countries with slightly lower living standards than the US or UK. Since you’re on a budget, you won’t be going to any elite hotels or expensive resorts.

Stay in Hostels 

Now, why would you want to stay in a room full of a bunch of strangers during your time off? Well, if you are travelling to indulge in the lifestyle of your destination fully, hostels are the place to be. 

This is perhaps the most authentic experience of living like a local in the area. That is unless you get some locals to agree to keep you at their home, which, for the sake of not looking like a total creep, we would not suggest you do. Staying at hostels is also an easy way of meeting new people, and there are few things more fun than making friends while travelling. 

So, please keep an open mind, relax and go for it. In addition to authenticity and the opportunity to meet fun, new people, hostels also save you a lot of money. If the sole purpose of your place is a good night’s sleep, then hostels are the way to go. This is a much cheaper option, which saves a lot of money and can be used for a fun activity in the area or going to that fancy restaurant the area is famous for. So, if you are looking for a place to stay while you are away, a cheap hostel is your best bet.

Be Ready to Walk, A lot.

While planning for a holiday, one must first get into walking shape as one might have to walk for miles to reach attractions usually inaccessible by vehicles and save some extra money by not renting a car to go from place to place.

To get into the walking shape, you first need to figure out what kind of walking you will do on your Holiday. For instance, if you are going on a long trek with heavy backpacks, you might need strength training to prepare your muscles; however, if you plan on visiting a holiday destination where you need to take a stroll in the local markets and tourist attractions you might need some light cardiovascular exercises to prepare yourself to walk for pretty long distances without a lot of huff and puff. 

Strength training for a holiday is a worthy pursuit even if you do not plan to visit a place that requires you to walk a lot because it adds to your overall well-being. Amidst training your body to get walk-fit, remember to sit back and relax because your body deserves some rest.

Immerse in the Local People and Food 

Local places and cuisines have a unique essence that adds to your travel experience. If you are travelling, you might want to rent an apartment or opt for couch surfing as these places offer local knowledge that hotels do not provide.

Hotels might provide you comfort and luxury, but they are not only heavy on the pocket but also lack the personal touch and unique essence held by your holiday destination. On Holiday, immersing yourself in the local people will keep you safe from a lot of stress and help you save money. 

If you adjust to the local pace, you will be able to pay more attention to what is happening in your surroundings. It will become easier for you to notice things you might have missed if you just followed your plan. Thus, while you are on Holiday, it is important to be more spontaneous and make an effort to adjust to the local pace and do what the local people do. 

Moreover, trying local cuisines help you get the authentic tourist experience as you might stumble upon some street stalls offering some of the tastiest foods across the globe.

Keep a Daily Track Of Cash  

To check your holiday spending, you should first set a holiday budget and a daily spending limit. 

Another trick is to only carry a specific amount of cash with you while going to a particular place so that you do not overspend in case you run out of money. Many budget-tracking apps might help you keep track of your spending so that you can enjoy your Holiday without spending too much.

Be Flexible 

It is always wise to make plans about what you are going to be doing while you are away on vacation. However, rushing yourself and your fellow travellers because “we are behind schedule” will only make the experience worse for everyone and rarely brighten up anyone’s day, including yourself. 

So, make sure you have a plan in mind when leaving for vacation, but be very open to making changes to it once you get there because it is very much possible that you will find something interesting to do or look at that you did not know of when setting off.

Avail All Discounts

While travelling, make sure you are saving money wherever possible. Before you set off, check all discounts that may apply to you. If you are a student, this should be easy as most places offer decent student offers, which will help you save a fortune.

The tourism and airline market is full of sales and discount offers. It can be challenging to be on the look for discount codes and sales constantly. You should check out several sites available on the internet dedicated to collecting such offers. Voucher codes and saving sites can save costs on almost all points in your trip and the airline ticket itself.

Explore the Less Explored

While it is always a good idea to do a quick google search about your travel destination and ask around before you set off for sights to see, the ideal way of seeing the purest of your travel destination is to go there and set out on your own. 

Grab a map, talk to the locals, and get walking. You will likely find sights no one would have told you about and leave you with the most memorable moments of your trip.

A Final Word

Finally, perhaps the most important thing to do while travelling is to mingle with the locals. The locals will likely be much more willing to help if you go there in the off-peak season. They will help you get the most authentic experience of the place: be it familiarising you with the local cuisines or introducing you to the lifestyle, this is by far your best bet. 

Make sure you respect the people and the place you are visiting, and it should be nothing short of a good getaway for your mind and body alike.

Happy Travelling!



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