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How to Look Stylish While Spending Less Money

Following fashion trends and looking stylish is often not affordable for everyone, especially with today’s rapidly changing trends. But there are many clever ways to look trendy without spending much money. 

If you learn innovative ways to style, you’ll look better than just buying expensive items. It’s all about grooming, the right colours, hairstyle, sales, and some accessories to go with your outfits. Here’s how you can do that.

Getting the Right Outfit Combination 

One of the essential things in fashion is wearing the right combination. Your shoes, top, and pants should combine to become a great outfit with the proper colour contrast.

If you have a stylish friend whose fashion you like, get them over and have them choose outfits for you. You’ll be surprised how cleverly they make you look good with the same clothes you have.

You need to buy some essential items that work with various colours. Simple white and black tees are great as a base for different outfits and since we’re on a budget, buy these either on sale or from cheaper brands. Countless combinations can be used on them to make various outfits. But again, only the person with the best colour contrast and size fitting will look stylish. 

Versatile shopping can get you items for various occasions. For instance, you could use the same blouse or shirt casually and add some accessories with a new bottom for a fancy event. 

Buy a Few High-Quality Articles 

Yes, we are on a budget. But that doesn’t mean we should do quantity over quality. That’s why you should invest in a few high-quality articles of clothing. Though expensive, they last much longer and are resistant to damage compared to cheaper ones.

Try to buy these items in a way that they become versatile. Otherwise, you may have to buy more expensive ones. Sales and discount offers of different brands can also help you afford high-quality ones.

Look For Sales and Discounts

Almost all stores and brands offer sales at different times of the year. Though off-season, these are usually great deals to buy the same items at even half the price.

Most discounts offered to go unnoticed by customers. It can be hard to keep track of various stores in today’s busy world. But we now have the internet. Countless sites exist with all the clothing discount codes and vouchers offered by different stores. Search for voucher code sites on Google, and you will find great discounts.

Another clever tip is to buy off-season. For instance, they purchase sweaters at the start of summer or thin shirts in winter. Stores usually reduce their prices in ‘clearance sales’ to eliminate off-season items. 

Follow a Few Celebrities 

You probably have some sort of a style that you pursue or want to look like. Regardless of your gender, you probably follow some celebrities or influencers whose fashion you admire.

These days, apps like Instagram and Pinterest are full of such people. Find ones that fit your style and regularly follow them. Then use your thrifty shopping to get the right outfits. Though celebrities usually wear elite brands, you can match their style by getting similar items at much lower rates using the tips. 

You’re all set to look fashionable once you have the right outfit.

Hairstyle Matters More Than you Think.

The importance of hairstyle in any look is more than you can imagine. With a perfect hairstyle, you can look fashionable even with basic tees and pants, with no need for extra items. 

But this isn’t easy to pull off. Do not be tempted to buy expensive hair care products for immediate changes in hair or start going to an elite salon. 

Just keep two things in mind, care and styling. Your hair needs nutrition, maintenance, and washing but all in the right balance. Oils like coconut, almond, sesame seed, etc., fulfil the nutritional needs of your hair. As far as washing is concerned, try not to use shampoo frequently, at least not daily. And try to get an organic shampoo or one with the least harmful chemicals.

For styling, see what haircut matches your face and overall look. If you have a simple attire in kind, it won’t make sense to get a very tacky haircut. Any typical salon will do, so there is no need to spend tons on hairdressers. Sometimes, you may use hair gels or straighteners to pull off a look but don’t make it a habit.

Get A Few Accessories 

The cherry on top of any outfit is the accessories. Be it a watch, bracelet, scarf, or band, accessories complement an outfit and are usually very cheap.

However, you may want to invest in one quality accessory with different outfits. Again, buying quality items is a skill where you don’t blindly purchase costly items assuming they’re high quality. You research other brands, look for sales and try to get the best price. 

One rightly chosen accessory is much better than wearing many. Again refer to the various influencers and celebrities for ideas or ask your friend. 

A Strict Budget and Cash-Only Policy

It is easy to go on a shopping spree in a fancy store an online, especially with credit. Impulsive buying destroys your budget.

You must set a specific limit for your clothing. Even if you’re a very trendy person, your monthly clothing expense should not be a big chunk of your income. Since we’re talking about being on a budget, we must avoid impulsive buying and be wise in our shopping behaviour. You can save a lot with enough research of different stores and a little control over spending.

Since credit cards make it easy to go on shopping sprees, bring your cash only instead of your card whenever going for shopping clothes. Try to avoid surfing tempting new sites offering stylish yet expensive clothing. 

A Final Word

We all want to look great, but not everyone has the money to afford sophisticated hairdressers and branded items. But hasn’t stopped many people from looking fashionable. Looking ‘trendy’ or ‘stylish’ is a skill that can be mastered using grooming and the proper selection of clothing.

This guide should help you dress per your desired style on a budget. Another vital thing to mention is your body. You can quickly notice that those with well-developed bodies through workouts look better in almost anything. So you may want to hit the gym as well. Lose some weight if you feel a bit over or gain some if you think you’re skinny.

Happy shopping! 



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