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Top 15 Stores to Buy from on This Good Friday

This year’s Good Friday is just around the corner, and we can’t wait for it! Every year, thousands of stores offer significant discounts and deals on countless products on this day. Sales reach sky-high as people rush to capture the opportunity to buy products at reduced prices. 

As your shopping partner, VoucherGate is here to provide you with all the discounts for Good Friday. VoucherGate has the latest April 2022 voucher codes for various stores and categories. To help you find smart purchases and offers, we have compiled a list of the top 12 stores offering the best discounts this Good Friday. We have covered a wide range of products from cosmetics and bookings to food items, travel, and even vapes. 

A leading travel agency for flights, lodge reservations, hotels, and other travel services, offers dozens of discount offers and coupon codes. Travel becomes so economical once you have these codes. Bookings no longer seem out of reach. offers discounts up to 50% off. A few great things about

  • Quality travel services
  • Excellent customer service
  • Big discounts

With 24/7 support and millions of users monthly, it is one of the top booking sites globally, known for its quality services and often, some fantastic discounts on several occasions.

Sigma Beauty

Sigma Beauty is a premium quality cosmetics store. It offers a wide range of beauty products, from brushes to lipsticks to various sets. Sigma has also started a new line of vegan beauty products that have recently become very popular. Here are the main selling points of Sigma:

  • Wide range of cosmetics
  • 2 year warranties on brushes
  • Environment-friendly products 

Discounts and codes for up to 20% are available for April 2022. This makes your make-up shopping much cheaper.

Ink Factory

Looking for some ink cartridges or print papers? Well, Ink Factory is your destination. With discounts of up to 10%, you can save in your stationery shopping with Ink Factory. Some highlights of this store are:

  • Cheap yet high-quality products
  • 100% money-back guarantee

Having decades of experience, Ink Factory produces some of the best printers at reasonable prices.


Another top beauty products store, Sensationail, is best known for its top-of-the-line nail polishes and other nail-related cosmetics. It offers discounts and voucher codes up to 50%.

  • Long-lasting nail polishes
  • Huge range of colours and types of polish

Sensational has millions of customers worldwide and is one of the top cosmetic stores in the US. 

Your Health Food Store

Trying to maintain a healthy diet? Your Health Food Store is your go-to store. This store is for health and diet-conscious people. It provides high-quality yet healthy ingredients for different foods. Its two main items are:

  • Sugar-free Ingredients
  • Gluten-free ingredients

With discount codes of up to 25%, Your Health Food Store makes healthy foods much more affordable. 


Groupon is an online marketplace for countless items. Whether travel plans, kids’ items, food and drink or beauty products, this store provides big discount deals and even voucher codes. Groupon:

  • Has more than 20 categories of products
  • Helps businesses grow with a famous marketplace
  • Offers hundreds of discounts weekly

With up to 20% discounts, Groupon is the best destination for those buying products from cheaper brands and specific items at reduced prices.


HSN is an all-purpose store. It provides all sorts of items, like Target or Wal-Mart. Two things make it a top store in the e-commerce world:

  • Fast delivery
  • Thousands of items
  • Significant discounts on holidays and events

It has not only cheap items but also sells premium products as well. Visit now to shop!

Golden Tours 

Golden Tours has a big name in the UK’s tourism sector. It is known for sightseeing in London and domestic tourism in England. It has specialized trips for:

  • London 
  • Out of London tours and activities
  • Open Bus Tours
  • Harry Potter Tours

With up to 25% discounts, Golden Tours caters to both cheap and wealthy tourists.

Vape Superstore 

Vape Superstore is the leading provider of all sorts of vapes, e-liquids, pods, accessories and other related items in the UK. It offers a wide range of flavours, vape pods, e-cigarettes, and trending things in the vape market. 

  • It has a flexible return policy
  • It also offers same-day delivery
  • 10% off on the first order
  • Weekly sales and discount codes

With up to 25% discounts on different products, especially on holidays, it has become an affordable store for vapers. 

Fireplace World 

Fan of fireplaces? This is just the right place. It offers a wide range of electrical fires, fireplace suites, marble fireplaces, mantle pieces and hearths. A popular fireplace store in the UK, Fireplace World gives discounts up to 10% and sometimes even 25%.

  • Fireplace World has a free and easy return policy
  • It guarantees the best price
  • It delivers in 2-3 days


This is a leading footwear store in the UK dealing in formal footwear, handmade footwear, and trendy footwear. With discounts up to 50%, and brands like Louke, London Sock, and Denton’s, Tredders has recently taken a big chunk of the footwear market share.

  • Sales on holidays and every few weeks
  • They also have another site offering wellington and country footwear

Restyle Fitness 

Restyle Fitness deals in new and refurbished fitness equipment, accessories and other fitness items. It offers up to 60% discount on all its articles and regularly issues voucher codes.

  • Restyle delivers in 2-3 days
  • It offers different returns depending on the product
  • Most products have six-month warranties

Breakdown Assist 

Breakdown assist is an innovative site that assists whenever your vehicle breaks down or causes any issues on the road. You call them and either ask for personnel or help on the phone. 

  • There are three types of subscriptions
  • The service covers almost all sorts of vehicles
  • They also provide emergency driver, local accommodation, recovery and message relay

Depending on the type of subscription, they also take your car to a nearby repairer if the issue cannot be fixed roadside. Breakdown Assist provides discounts of up to 25%.

The Football League Paper

A weekly British paper on football leagues, The Football League Paper provides match fixtures, league updates, general football news and much more in its weekly issue. It regularly issues voucher codes and discounts worth 20%. There are three types of subscriptions

  • Website access that allows reading all site content
  • Digital access that provides the digital version of the weekly issue
  • The newspaper that is the physical version

Reptile Centre

As the name suggests, Reptile Centre is a pet care store, particularly for reptiles. It has everything you need to take care of your reptiles, such as food items, supplies, supplements, decor and much more. Offering up to 25% sitewide discounts, Reptile Centre boasts the best prices in the market.

Happy Shopping!

So what are you waiting for? Go to any Good Friday stores and buy your favourite products at amazing discounts. Make use of this list and shop for various items of different categories. Happy Shopping!



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